Trustly Payment method is a new buzz in the market as it has made the payments across the globe secure and fast. It provides convenience to the consumers, banks and the sellers or merchants. The Payment provider Trustly is new in the race but known for the easy payment for the online casinos, Blocked that is the Swedish auction site, web shops, and many more sites.

It was established in the year 2008 with the name Instantbank. However, later the brand name was changed to Trustly. The responsibility of its operations is on the company Instant Payment Services Limited in Malta. The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority provides the license to the Trustly Group AB. Here are some of the top facts related to the Trustly that players need to know:

Working Procedure of Trustly

Trustly helps the players to transfer the money instantly from their bank accounts to their casino accounts in a safe manner. The countries supported by Trustly include Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Spain and other Eastern European countries.

It allows the users to make direct payment to their online casino accounts. The players can choose their bank account to pay instantly. The Trustly does not save the passwords of the users as Swedish FSA regulates it. It provides the standardized security to user’s bank account. It works in a simple manner like:

    • Selection of the bank
    • Login to user’s bank account
    • Confirming the payment
    • Instant transfer of cash into player’s casino account

Security and Trust by Trustly

Swedish Financial Body regulates Trustly, so it is safe as the operational banks in Europe. It does not save the password of the users or uses any other information in an inappropriate manner. It is based on the players own banking details so fraud becomes impossible. The possibility of fraud can only occur if the second person knows about the following.

  • Username
  • Password
  • Access to physical bank token
  • SMS or other related services that consumer uses to confirm payments

Therefore, the possibility of being conned will never occur until and unless the users share their relative information with someone else.

Involvement of Technicalities

The users can play online games at the casinos without any hassle for direct transfer of their money to their casino account. In just a click of the button, it helps in transferring the required money to the respective casino’s account. There is no provision for signing up for newer accounts. The authentication is only required for the digital banking of the customer. As Trustly has European Payment Services Provider license that is in accordance with the Payment Services Directive, there is no chance of any loophole in transactions.

Advantage over Traditional Method

This payment method proves great over the other traditional methods like E-Cards, Credit Cards, Cheques etc. It relies in instant bank transfer to help players play online casino games seamlessly. Some of its advantages are:

  • Convenient Interface
  • Completely Risk-free
  • No need to provide sensitive personal information
  • No Linking with other sites for registration
  • Direct banking E-Payment

Trustly in the short time has become one of the trusted methods by the European customers. The company is expanding to other regions in order to provide seamless services to Western countries clients too.