Robstown in Texas holds the title of having started the game knowns as Texas Holdem Poker in the beginning of 1900. Eventually, the game gained huge popularity during the World series of poker celebrated in 1970 in Horseshoe casino in Las Vegas

When the internet and technology were born, the Texas Holdem poker fans had the opportunity of playing online, the game became accessible to everyone everywhere.

The Texas Holdem poker is a multiplayer game that consists of dealing some cards facing up in the middle of the table and then dealing two cards to every player which are hand cards which along with the other communal cards, the players will have to create the best combination in order to win.

The dealer is commonly known as “the button” as a small button is placed in front of him on the table to indicate his position.

Setting up the Blinds:

The majority of Texas Holdem poker games begin with some kind of bet to guarantee that there is some kind of excitement during the game. Texas Holdem poker is played with two blinds, known as big blind and small blind. The two players to the right of the button are responsible of setting up the blinds. The Big blind is always the minimum bet accepted by the casino whereas the small one is half the big blind.

texas holdem table

During every round, players have any of the following options:

Call: Match the big blind amount
Fold: The player decides not to play as his cards are not favourable.
Raise: Increase the bet

The amount a player can raise depends on the version of Texas Holdem poker that is being played. There are different version with different thresholds. In the common version  a player may raise a minimum amount that is twice the big blind.

Limit hold’em: In this version you can raise by the amount of the big blind

Pot-limit hold’em: Here you can raise a max of the pot size .

No-limit hold’em: In this version players have no limit when raising and so you can go “all in” which means betting all your chips.

First Round: Pre-Flop

Once the blinds have been set, the dealer hands out two cards to each player starting from his left. These cards are only to be seen by the player.

Next, the players need to decide if they want to bet. The betting round starts by the player next to the big blind. In the first round it’s not allowed to fold, instead they can raise or call. It’s important to notice that all players need to bet the same amount if they decide to play the round. So if the first player decides to raise, the second player will have to call or raise again the bet, or fold.

texas holdem poker pre flop

Second Round: Flop

The dealer then flips three cards in the middle of the table, known as the flop. These three communal cards can be used to create different combinations with the other 2 cards the players hold in order to make the winning hand.

The players that decided to call or raise now begin the second betting round. The player to the right of the dealer is the one starting this round. At this point, players can either fold, call or raise.

Again all players need to throw in the same amount into the pot or fold before the round finishes.

texas holdem flop

Third Round: The Turn

In this stage, the dealer flips a fourth card known as “The Turn” in the middle of the table. At this point every player has six cards. Next a new betting round begins.

texas holdem poker turn

Fourth Round: The River 

The fifth and last community card known as “The River” is dealt and a new betting round is started. Again all players have the options of calling, folding or raising.

Once all the bets have been placed, then all players show their cards and the best hand is decided by the dealer to determine the winner, this is called as the showdown

holdem poker river stage



Overall, five out of seven cards can be used. This means that each player can form the best five card hand with both his cards and 5 of the community cards. The players even have the option of not using their cards and instead use only the community cards as they present as a better option.

In this stage, as we mentioned, all players must show their cards and the dealer will then decide who has the best hand. If one player shows his han and your cards are not good, you are not obligated to show them.