We bring you some roulette tips. Since casino roulette is a game of luck, encountering challenges and having a higher risk of losing the money, if not played with a better game plan and effective strategies. Every player of the game, experienced or fresher, has to follow certain rules while getting ready at the Roulette table to play his moves.

Let us discuss some of the most useful Roulette tips, which will certainly help a player in playing the game effectively and it allows a fair chance to win on roulette.

  1. Look for roulette games with the surrender or En prison option
  2. Bet with the money you have available
  3. Bet on single 0 tables
  4. Keep Your Eyes on Table
  5. Decide When to Quit the Game

Look for roulette games with the surrender or En prison option

This two options have the same objective. In roulettes that offer the surrender option, half of the bet is lost when a 0 and 00 appears and the player chose one of the options of black/red, even/odd or low/high. These kind of bets are called even-money bets since they pay one-to-one.

In American roulette the surrender option cuts the house edge in half from 5.26% to 2.63%.

The En prison option works the same way but it is available only in European roulette, it again cuts the house edge in half.

Bet with the money you have available

When playing roulette it’s really easy to get carried away to the point where you wind up playing money you don’t have. So  we recommend, before playing set some money aside, which will be the one used exclusively for playing in roulette. If you lose this money then just walk away.

Bet on single 0 tables

This is not a very hard advice to follow and this is because a single 0 table has a house edge of 2.7% vs a 5.26% house edge of the double 0 table. So of course the single 0 table is the option to go with.

Keep Your Eyes on Table

The Roulette table is an important part of the winning strategy while you decide to play for winning the game. Always observe the tables. It is not only the colors and numbers but also the tables help you study the game. Start keeping a track of the earlier scores on a particular table and you will start predicting results for the future rounds.

Decide When to Quit the Game

The game of roulette, even when played online is exciting and it keeps motivating the player by smaller wins or closer results. For the players who have been playing for long need to know when to keep playing and when to quit the game. When you gamble by a smaller amount and winning the money continuously then you have to know when to quit. For a player who wins prizes more than 300% of the invested amount then he/she should happily quit the game on a winning note. Never be greedy and always consider your winning as a part of your luck.