Signs Of Gambling Addiction

Gambling is fun if done as a hobby. The fun can turn into a nightmare if the player is not interested in anything else but gambling. If he / she does not show inclination towards other activities, is not bothered about his / her professional life and family ties, then there lies a big problem within.

Problem gambling or Compulsive Gambling, as it is referred to, is not clearly visible, by the time it obvious, it is already too late. Unlike the more common addictions such as alcohol or drugs, gambling addiction does not show physical symptoms.

Refer to the below mentioned points and check if you know someone who falls in any of these categories and shows any of these signs and symptoms. They would need immediate gambling help from a professional before the situation gets out of control.
Lying: This is one of the easiest symptoms to be identified. People facing gambling problems try to keep it a secret. Soon they start lying to everyone like their spouses, friends, colleagues, and other family members. They do not want to let others know that they gamble.

Borrowing money all the time: In online gambling sometimes you lose and some others you win, nobody can be a winner all the time. So when a person is in financial losses due to online gambling, he needs more money to pay off the losses and to gamble more. Thus, he keeps asking family and friends for money, without giving any valid reason for the same.

Emotional Instability: Obsessive online gamblers have extreme mood swings. All they can think of is the time when they can go back to their gambling games. They will gamble to cope up with stress at work or in life. When they win, they will be cheerful and if they lose, all hell breaks loose with their anger and sometimes, physical abuse. In general, they become withdrawn from everything, professional performance is affected, sleep and eating patterns too change.

Spending more time away: Victims of gambling addiction spend unusually more time away from work and family. They take several undeclared leaves from work, are away from home for long periods and no one gets to know their whereabouts.

Maintaining secrecy: In case gambling has reached a stage where the gamblers feel the need to hide their desire to gamble, from their spouse or family, it is high time to seek treatment. They simply deny that they are gambling. Even if the gambler is not visiting any land-based casino, he / she might be in the grip of gambling through online gambling sites. These are also equally hazardous if not nipped in the bud.
Problem gambling is a behavioral disorder that has a potential to become worse with time, if left untreated. Identify the root and get the necessary counseling. Realization of the problem and then getting the right support is all a problem gambler needs to come out of the situation.