The world of online casinos and gambling is a network, which runs with utmost trust among the online casinos and the players involved to play these games. Like for an instance, choosing a casino and investing some amount of money for playing their favourite game does not end the relationship between a player and a casino. For the players deciding to give their hard-earned money towards gambling games needs to acquire a great level of trust and this does not come overnight. In the first place, there will be no players willing to play casino games, just because the casino might give away great bonuses and rewards to the players on registering.

This is where the trust factor comes to play, and this requires a perfect advocate and an independent body, whom people can put trust and indulge to play gambling games from a certain casino. This is where Malta Gaming Authority comes to play a big role. This is one of the highly recognized gaming councils across Europe, which issues certifications and licenses to all the gambling casinos, and gives its approval after examining the casino completely. While the reputation is important, licensing and accreditation are equally important for any casino today.

History of Malta Gambling Authority

Malta was a part of British Isles, back in the colonial era, until it became an independent nation from the year 1964. The country is located towards the south of Mediterranean Sea, and it has a rich tourist influence in this beautiful country. Aside from the tourist aspects, Malta has a famous body, which generates substantial revenue and it is the Malta Gaming License. Almost all of the global casinos based in the continents seek approval from the gaming authority, which has engrossed itself with a reputation of giving players and seekers with fair results. This is completely transparent for both players and the casino.

By the end of 2009, the small island engrossed 52.5 Million Euros as the main tax revenue, all thanks to online casino gaming. With a number of online casinos turning their presence year after year, the average rise of tax revenue increases by a drastic percentage to reckon. This is the major forms of revenue and incurs 10 to 12% of the overall revenue in the country, which is only second to the tourism industry.

Malta has around a large chunk of inline casinos depending on it, and their license every year. Some of the top sites, which have seen accreditation from Malta Gaming Authority, include Redbet Casino, Mr. Green, and many others.

Gambling Legislation and License Structure

Malta Gaming Authority is a part, which started to issue a license with the base being under the public lotto ordinance. After 2004, the body created Remote Gaming Regulation, which applies to the casinos who have set their presence in the world of online gambling. Here are 4 different licensing structures, which a casino can choose to apply, such as,

  • Class 1: This works in covering casino games, online lotteries and skill-based games.
  • Class 2: This covers spread betting, pool-based betting, and fixed odds betting.
  • Class 3: This class covers peer-to-peer gaming and trades all the possibilities of betting exchanges.
  • Class 4: This is a license for software game developers, approving they create safe and fair means of games at their disposal.

Each of these licenses is valid for 5 years at a stretch. Post the period, they are required to be renewed from the casinos for a different slab of fee. Moreover, any casino can apply for multiple licenses for a free slab. Likewise, all the 4 different classes of licenses have their own set of rules and regulations, which are must to be followed before the authority awards them with their desired license. In the end, all the online casinos must adhere to the terms and rules as stated by the authority and earn with all legal terms and rules.

Malta Gaming Authority is a transparent council, which issues some of the top online casinos in Europe with renewable licenses, which gives these casinos a much-needed accreditation to the eyes of public on being fair and practising methods, which are not meant to cheat any players.