eSports are spreading like a fire and have obtained lots of fans and players around the world that can win huge prizes. One of the main reasons this sports is so popular is that it adapts to the current life style. You can play this indoors from the comfort of your chair.

You can play games using the computer and have fun. It is indeed a pleasure to play games when your family is around. It is extra fun than a real-time match gives where you can even discuss with your people to play any eSport.


The competitive gaming is in existence since 1980’s and the concept of challenging friends while playing video games is part of the game. To be very specific the first held video game is the Space Invaders Tournament by Atari in 1980. There were many participants more than 10000 in a number for this sport, and that sowed seeds for the eSports.

Soon after that console games and arcade took up the stage and during the 1990s they were very commonly played eSports. Companies, including Blockbuster and Nintendo started the concept of sponsoring, and hence the tournaments began to arise with specific rules and regulations.

By 2000, domination of PC gaming brought the eSports competition to light.

Classification as a Sport

In 1997, the Red Annihilation tournament conducted for the first-person shooter called “Quake” got the real crux of the eSports and brought in more than 2000 players. The winner was awarded a Ferrari that was with John Carmack. John is one of the lead developers for the sport “Quake.” Therefore, Quake took the place of being the first eSports game.

After Quake, the arcade games and shooter games were revolving around as eSports with several attractive offers, etc.

Slowly, the Real Time Strategy broke out and “StarCraft: Brood War” became popular. StartCraft provided much strategic potential and became the driving force for the eSports world.

Major Tournaments

By 2000 and beginning of the millennium many tournaments started coming up. In the last two decades, there have been numerous  games and sports available in the world.

List of Few Games

  1. Counter Strike was released in 1999 and has awarded more than $10 million as a prize and has funded for more than 540 tournaments. The continuation of this let the release of Global Offensive in 2012. This is yet another success for a counter strike that fetched more than $4 million prize value in its 615 tournaments. All happened within just three years of its launch.
  2. Dota 2, another famous eSports title known across the globe and allows professional players to make outstanding cash. Most of the top ten earners belong to Dota 2 in eSports. The prize money alone is $1 million won by the top five players. The International tournament help in 2014 provided the highest prize in eSports history. The precise value is more than $10 million.
  3. The Electronic sports and the World Cyber Games are the best international tournaments played every year that started in 2000 in the eSports world.
  4. The Major League Gaming was announced in 2002 is the biggest and successful eSports leagues. It features games of different genres starting from shooters to the Real-time strategic games. As evidence for its lavish prize pools, it offered more than 170 thousand dollars as a prize for the 2013 Winter Championships winners. The background major league gaming goes back to 2006 and is the 1st tournament televised in North America. The 2006 “Halo 2” series also to be marked that was televised on the USA Network. Currently, the primary mode of viewing eSports tournaments are via online, and the viewer’s number is huge. The spring championship held in 2012 had more than four million viewers. This, in fact, has superseded the “real” sporting events, including the 2012 NBA All-Star Game.
  5. The GSL which is the Global StarCraft II League held in South Korea considered the most prominent “StarCraft II” competition. It is the summit of the RTS gaming world. GSL was launched in 2010, and since then it has been increasing its viewers and aiming to crack one hundred million.
  6. eSports Starcraft 2 another game that took the eSports world to a newer horizon.
  7. Next is the MOBA which is a new entrant in the eSports world. MOBA means Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. MOBA is same as the RTS games and making the eSports world grow to greater heights.

How eSports is Becoming a Legitimate Sport

So now you understood about eSports, its origin, and various tournaments. The only thing you must know is how this obtains a legal status in the game’s world.

Due to its accessibility, it is becoming more successful than all other sports. People can play from anywhere, and it is quick to achieve the same. Also, the social media development has given a new dimension to these games since they can be broadcasted across the world.  YouTube and Twitch allow these games to be watched from anywhere.

Given all the reasons above, eSports will become an actual sport and significant sports network, including Fox Sports, and ESPN have already started broadcasting.

The “League of Legends” is expanding progressively and now the “Overwatch” is expected to create an enormous impact in the eSports world.

It is expected to launch Overwatch League in 2018 and will consist of many sports franchises globally. Bizzard is the game designer is creating the game exciting the fans based on the cultural relevance and geographical location. Further, the Overwatch League is planning to broadcast the matches regularly both on the internet-based channels and TV.

When such improvements happen continually, then eventually it will become legal. Media acceptance is an acknowledgment towards the movement of any event from informal to a formal level. eSports will attain the number-one place shortly.