Casinos have seen growth in their orders and presence. Some casinos have games, which gives a novice entrant, a chance to explore and win more often than usual. With this way, the players earn more confidence and play the games more often. However, people only talk about slot games being the easiest to understand, which is partially correct, while the major focus barely diverts towards any card game. The reason is that, in the first place, everyone considers card games to be the toughest of the lot and winnings in these games requires special skills. They are not wrong, neither are they completely right.

Casino War is a popular Card game offered across some of the famous casinos around the globe today. It explores all about how the game of prediction works wonders for either of the players. Only two persons play the game at a time, and the card usually has the stack featuring from Ace to 2 in the descending order. It has all the 52 regular playing cards featuring in the deck. With prestige and pride at stake, casino war is certainly one game, which is perfect starter level games for all those, who does not prefer slots.

History of Casino War

Casino War is one of the popular games, which got relevance towards the end of 20th century. Bet Technology, a small company based in Carson City, Nevada developed this. The company did not waste any time in filing the patent and rights by the end of 1993. A year later in 1994, the game was given to 5 Northern Nevada based casinos for real money players. However, by the end of 2004, Shuffle Master acquired most of the company’s asset, which included this game in particular.

What a turn of events the game has seen in such a short span of time, yet whatever has happened has never been exploited in any sense, and the players still find the game to be competitive.

Rules of Playing Casino in Online Casinos

Casino War is one of the casino games, which is simply not restricted to a single casino or formats. Since the advent of technology has taken over most of the real-life online games today, Casino War too is among those games and is available for online players as well. The rules of the games require a little understanding, which is stated,

  • Casino War is played with a pack of six decks of cards. All of these cards are exactly arranged the way they are sorted in poker games, where the aces stand out the highest payout cards and 2 being the lowest and least significant cards of the collection. Although the suit arrangement does not matter, the value of the symbol definitely matters.
  • During playing Casino War card game, the player can also opt for a table, exactly the way like playing blackjack game. In this case, a dealer is on one side and the other side is filled with players. Like blackjack and any other live dealer backed casino games, the dealer picks the card and compares the rank of the cards. While doing this, there are two chances such as,
    • For scoring more points on the basis of card ranking, the round is awarded to the player and the opponent dealer loses that particular round.
    • In case the player fails to show card higher than that of the dealer, the round is won from the casino’s end.
  • Round Ties are extremely common in Casino War games, more importantly, because while playing the game in a live table, there are chances of hitting square zero and the dealer as well as the player stands on the same position. While for tied situations, players are required to put up another bet, which will be equal to the first bet and then the round gets going.

In the later stage, the dealer will be liable to show off 3 dead cards to the players, with a face up and the players are required to choose among these cards and stand a chance to win the rounds then and there. If this was not it, the players after completing the tie-breaking rounds can only win the original bet amount and in the case for a casino, they win the original as well as the real-time rounds.

Interesting Points on Casino War

Casino War is a game with full of surprises and bloopers. Likewise, there are 2 different aspects, which gives players a fair deal to risk it or bail off from critical situations, which includes,

  • Bet on Tie: This is one of the riskier options in a game with variance such as Casino War since the result can fluctuate on either side. Players will place a side wager in the starting of the round, where the results may or may not work in their favor, and players should hit anywhere between 10 to 1 odds. But here is the downside; casinos impose 18.65% on these rounds, which is significantly a higher percentage on any casino games.
  • Give Up: Aside betting on the tie, the other safe alternative, which assures to take away as much as half of the deal accumulated in the rounds. Although the margin of taking away might look little unfair, like taking away 50 % of the winnings is excessively much, but the rest assured this would not cost as much what betting on tie rounds may do. With the game having an unfavorable house edge, the stakes are higher even on the surrendering rounds, let alone betting rounds.

Casino War is a special card game, which has not been explored as much as people would have loved. Unlike poker games, the game is easy to learn the process, and anyone can master the art of the game and stand to win games with ease. Be it offline or online casinos, the variability of the game is simply in the favor of the casino, and players can win, provided fates answer the other way.