The casino has a history that is beyond many years. It is the primary form of entertainment in the earlier years where people used to travel to a place and gambled. It is indeed a real prestige to play and win money in casinos. Slowly, the online casino took the stage, and it let casino fans to play from home and any place per their wish.

The variety offered by the online casino is just not one and includes the casino slot machines, card games, poker, roulette wheel and much more. You can get some insight into how and when the digital casino came into existence and how it grew big.

The Inception

When the casino world understood the liking for the casino, the online casino started rising and became easily accessible to all people. The digital version has become a great benefit to the casino players. One can have the luxury of playing games on any device, including the mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and all the hand-held devices. Casino started providing fun to people, and the real casino began its journey as early as 1638 in Venice. Online casino is a boon to the society as one can play from anywhere to make money.

With the beginning of traditional casino in 1638, the journey was on till 1994. The online casino started soon after the Free-Trade & Processing act got cleared in Antigua and Barbuda. This law allowed the business to apply for digital casinos.

Soon after the company started applying for the online casinos, Microgaming Company successfully launched the comprehensively functional gambling software. The security for the casino games also was developed parallel by Cryptologic. They achieved success, and by the year 1994. Wholly secure and functional online casino game came into existence.

Online Casino Progression

Since its inception, online casino continually started growing and every year it marked a milestone. For instance, casino slot machines grew up big time, and several new concepts came into the picture. The slot machines worked on random number generator and computer-based games brought in the revolution. The basics of the slot machine remain unchanged and only there was advancement constantly.

Most importantly the general improvement in the online casino includes the modification of the software, soundtracks, and graphics. The 3D games are the best example of the development of soundtracks and graphics. Players can have more fun than before by selecting the games based on the different sets available. One can choose many graphics for the same game to enjoy a unusual experience every time.

Mobile Casinos

Online casinos got a significant recognition and upliftment soon after the mobile devices, and the apps became popular. The first mobile game was launched in 1997 on the Nokia 6610 phone. Since then several twists and the turn brought the casino games to a high reach among players.

WAP games became famous by 2000, and now the Apple’s iPhone made the difference by 2007 allowing games to be played on the phone itself.  Within one year by 2008, Google’s Android phones dominated the market, and the world is entirely populated with casino games in mobile.